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Owners/Operators of Non-Residential Entities must be complete and submit the below form to the city

Non-Residential Registration Form Notice

Non-Residential Registration Form

Registered Businesses 

To the Owners/Operators of Non-Residential Entities within the City of Freeport:

The City of Freeport is required by the State of Florida to annually produce information regarding all non-residential activity within the incorporated limits of the City. This includes all commercial businesses, industrial businesses, professional offices, personal service businesses, and all non-profit/not-for-profit organizations including churches, service organizations, day-cares, government agencies and clubs. The information needed is very general in nature and is required to maintain compliance with the Citys status as a Rural Enterprise Zone.

The City also maintains a current business and service directory for the convenience of its citizens and visitors, based on this information.

In order to cover administrative maintenance of this information, the City is charging an annual $25 administration fee. Please remit the attached form with a check/money order for $25, payable to the City of Freeport. If you have multiple non-residential structures/businesses/uses within the City, you will need to submit one form and fee per non-residential structure/business/use.

You can drop off the attached form to the City Planner or the City Clerk at Freeport City Hall or you may mail this information to:

Attn: Business/Non-Residential Registration
City of Freeport
P.O. Box 339
Freeport, Florida 32439

The deadline for submittal of this information is December 30th