Do you have a recommended plumber?
We refrain from plumber recommendations.
There are blue flags and paint on/around my driveway. Why?
The flags and/or paint are there to show other utility companies where our water lines are located. If you are building a fence, having a phone line installed, getting cable installed, etc, then our locater has received a ticket to mark our water lines to avoid any lines being accidentally damaged.
What is the standard operating water pressure in Freeport?
48PSI to 58PSI. It can vary depending on demand times.
What size pipe do I need to plumb my water meter?
A standard residential water meter normally needs 3/4" piping, Sch 40 PVC - Although this may vary depending on the distance from your house to the service meter.
Why is there a meter reader at my house without me being notified?
They are likely checking for a leak or taking a meter reading.
Does the city have a list of backflow testers?
Yes, the following is a partial list of backflow testers.
Be advised, the City of Freeport does not endorse any of these testers and only maintain this list to assist our customers.

David Fannin 850-699-6888  Freeport 
Richard Howard  850-830-9833  Freeport
Heller Company 850-499-2280  Freeport
Adam Yates  850-401-4847   DFS/Freeport
Ernest Powell  850-585-7536 Freeport
Revised 2/2022    
Who voted to increase the water & sewer rates?
Freeport City Council.
Do you have a list of grinder pump vendors?

The following companies have requested to be on our list, however we don't refer any company specifically.

Green Air Controls: (850) 608-3065
Zebb Watts Septic: (850) 826-2982
Benefield Plumbing: Office (850)271-3887 Cell (850)258-1065
Backwoods Sewer Grinders LLC: (850) 333-9645

Who regulates water quality?
The Department of Environment Protection is charged with enforcing drinking water regulations.
How do I find out if the lot I purchased, or am considering purchasing has city water running to it?
Call the Utility Billing Department at City Hall. (850) 835-2822.