New Customer Account Policy

Revised 8/5/2019. The updates have been underlined and approved by council.

(Effective April 15, 2019)

The following is the Utility Billing Department policy for opening accounts with the City of Freeport.

  • If a business or residential customer is applying for service at a location, the billing office clerks will first check to see if that customer has a previous outstanding balance on a closed account at any other location where a balance is still due.
  • If there is a balance due on a closed account, that balance must be paid in full before a new account will be opened.
  • If a customer is transferring locations, and the deposit is transferred to the new address, the final bill for the old location will be transferred to the new account.
  • If it is discovered that a new account has been set up and an existing balance on an old closed account has not been paid, the customer will be sent a letter stating that if the balance on the old account is not paid in 14 days, the amount will be transferred to their new account.
  • Customer’s who are renting must provide a copy of their signed lease to start service.
  • All customers, both business and residential must pay a deposit for each location where they are setting up an account.