MISSION:  To provide excellent customer service and professional land use planning services to the general public and citizens of Freeport.

VISION:  For the city of Freeport to lead NW Florida in land use planning.  To provide exceptional and expedient development coordination and review of new development; to guide growth and economic development in a manner which provides a healthy economy and quality environment for the citizens of Freeport in employment opportunities, vibrant neighborhoods, cultural arts, recreation and entertainment. 
The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for the review of all development and zoning issues in the City of Freeport. The Planning and Zoning office is open Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm, Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm and is located at 16040 Highway 331 Business.
The Department is managed by Latilda Hughes-Neel, AICP. A lifelong native of Northwest Florida, Latilda received her college education from Chipola Junior College where she majored in Art/Art Education, then from Florida State University, where she enrolled in the Urban and Regional Planning Certification Program, while employed as Assistant County Planner for Jackson County, Florida. Latilda received her AICP certification during her 17-year tenure with Walton County. She served as Walton County Planning Director for eight of those years. Latilda became Freeport’s first City Planner in January of 2005.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I tell if I live within the City limits?
If you look on your tax bill and see City of Freeport listed as a line item with an amount due, you live in the City limits. You can also go to the Walton County Property Appraiser website to find your tax district.
How can I tell if my road is considered private?
In general, green street signs indicate streets are County maintained. Blue signs indicate the road is private.
Where is the Planning Department located?
There are two separate planning departments in Freeport.  The City of Freeport Planning Department is located at 16040 Business 331 , across from the Dollar General.  Our phone number is (850)835-2340.  If your property is within the City limits of Freeport, this is where you need to begin.

The Walton County Planning Department is located at 842 State Hwy 20 E, Unit 110, Freeport. (850) 267-1955.
Is X business coming to Freeport/why are they clearing the property at x?

The rumor mill is full of misinformation about new businesses coming to Freeport.  For the most accurate information please contact our office; we will be happy to provide you with the latest information on applications that have been received.

Is water/sewer at my residence provided by the City of Freeport?

The utility franchise area for the City extends well beyond the incorporated City limits.  If you have questions about service to your home, please contact the Utility Billing Department.

What flood zone am I in?

Current flood zone maps are maintained by FEMA.  Please consult their website at

What zoning category is parcel X located in?

You are welcome to call or email our office for an informal statement of property zoning, or you may look at our Zoning Map. 
For written documentation of the zoning for your property, please submit a Nonbinding Land Use Determination Form along with the application fee of $25.

I want to remove trees from my property; what do I need to do?

If you wish to cut/clear trees from property used as a single-family residence, you will need to apply for a clearing permit.  Please submit the Clearing Permit Application; there is no fee.

If you wish to clear trees from vacant property, this will require a Development Order. 

I want to open a business in the City of Freeport.  How do I apply for a Business License?

The City of Freeport does not issue business licenses.  However, if you are operating a business within City Limits you will need to register your business annually.  Please submit a Business Registration Form and submit it to our office along with the $25 registration fee.

There is a nuisance/code issue in my neighborhood.  Why isn’t the City fixing it?

If you see an issue within City Limits, please submit a Code Violation Complaint Form.  We cannot investigate Code Violations unless a complaint is filed.

I want to open a business that sells or serves alcohol.  Where can I have this business in the City?
The City has an alcohol ordinance which prohibits the selling or serving of alcohol within 1000 feet of a church, school, or day care.  For the specifics on measurements criteria, see Ordinance #1980-03.